Opening Remark From Program Chair

Nicolas Sklavos


IEEE ISVLSI 2010 Program Chair

Nicolas Sklavos



Dear ISVLSI Delegates,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our honour to welcome you to Kefalonia and to the 2010 IEEE Computer Society International Symposium on VLSI. We feel really happy and we find ourselves fortunate for the opportunity that has been given to us, to organize ISVLSI 2010. Among to our intention is the conference days to be inspired with Greek hospitality in the biggest island of Ionian Sea.

This year, the technical program includes traditional concentration areas in VLSI, embedded systems design, circuits and systems, along with more specialized topics such as cryptographic hardware, memory design, signal processing, and nanocomputing.

A total of 278 manuscripts were submitted, from which 89 high quality papers were finally accepted. The conference acceptance rate is 32%. A total of 1140 reviews were received from all over the world, which produce an average of 4.1 independent reviews per manuscript.

Authors from all around the world are here to attend and present novel ideas and research innovations. The technical program is composed of 75 regular papers, spread over 18 sessions and three long interesting days. Parallel to these, there are 14 manuscripts organized at the poster session, and 9 works of young scientists for the PhD forum.

It is also our honour to refer that every day the program includes invited talks, from worldwide experts in the areas of both academia and industry.

On the first day, Dr. Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos with his talk on “European ICT Research: 2011-2012 Outlook for Components and Systems”, while on the afternoon Cristian Germat would talk about “Challenges and perspectives of computer architecture beyond CMOS”. On Tuesday Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty talk is entitled “Digital Microfluidic Biochips”. On the afternoon of the same day Marcello Coppola would talk about “Small Worlds: The dynamics of NoCs in Tomorrow SoC architecture”. On Wednesday Prof. Apostolos Dollas, would talk about “Reconfigurable Architectures for Bioinformatics Applications”.

Last but not least, this year we organize a Research Project Workshop, where the results of six projects in total would be presented.

Our opinion is that there is much for everyone, and we are confident that the conference attendees would enjoy the technical program.

Parallel to the technical program, we have organized social activities, with the hope that at least you would find them enjoyable and interesting:

  • An Opening Ceremony, on Monday evening at “Lakovateios Library”.
  • An outdoors Banquet with Traditional Kefalonia Music called “Kantades”, on Tuesday night.
  • Daily excursions around the island of Kefalonia, upon selection, during all days of the conference.

In closing, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to many people who have helped, making this conference the success that we are sure it should be.

Special thanks must be given to Prof. Amar Mukherjee for his help and his support, as well as to Dr. Michael Hubner for his willingness and his novel ideas.

We would like to thank the members of all conference committees for their valuable support before and during the conference. Their dedication was crucial for the conference success. Working like one person, for a common goal in the demanding ISVLSI organization made me happy, I got involved in this aim. For, this I thank them all.

Special thanks to the reviewers for their hard but always on time job.

We thank the local authorities for the conference organization at Kefalonia and especially at Lixouri, the Technological Educational Institute of Messologhi, both the staff and the army of volunteers of the Telecommunications Systems and Networks Department.

Finally, we would like to thank you very much again, for coming. We wish you to enjoy both technical and social programs, but most of all to have great time at Kefalonia.

Organized by
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